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                        “Youth” Scholarship League  Information


This league is intended for any and all high school age bowlers or any youth bowler looking to earn Scholarship money for college. (Minimum age is August ) This league will be ran under the same format as an adult league and will contain a cash prize fund that will be distributed at the completion of the league into their respective USBC SMART accounts. The participants will be paying $20 per week with $11.25 going towards the lineage and $8.75 will be deposited into the prize fund.

   The League will begin in August and will be bowled in conjunction with our current Jr. program here at 11am. The league will be held every Sat morning at 11am and will bowl till the beginning of the Girls IHSA bowling program.  At that time the league will take a break till the completion of the Boys IHSA program.  (Pre- Bowls will be permitted for the two weeks before the break for the Boys  and the first two weeks after the return from the break for the girls.)               

The league member’s prize fund will consist of following pay out categories.

Team Standings: 1st - Last Place.

Team awards 1st- 3rd
Game Scratch / Handicap
Series Scratch / Handicap

                All Individual awards will be Handicap and Scratch:

 High Ave:    1-5,

 High Game: 1-3

 High Series: 1-3
Teams will consist of four (4) bowlers of any combination of male or female bowlers. The Handicap base will be 80% of 220.     Blind Bowler Ave = 140



Any Question please call 630-898-5678 Linda Peterson, or Rich Thornton in Players Corner Pro Shop